Seismic properties of the Mohorovičić discontinuity - Jerusalem: Israel Program for Scientific Translations, 1975. - 138 páginas: ilustraciones; 24 cm.

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Possibilities of the DSS technique in studying properties of deep-seated seismic interfaces -- Frequency spectrum of waves generated at the M discontinuity -- Properties of deep-seated seismic boundaries in Western Uzbekistan -- Characteristic features of waves from the Mohorovicic discontinuity in the ocean and the transition zone -- DSS studies of deep faults -- The earths crust and upper mantle in the focal zone near eastern Kamchatka -- Experience in recording shear and converted waves produced at intracrustal interfaces -- Absolute levels of seismic wave amplitudes in the 1 to 50 Hz frequency range -- Use of dynamic features of seismic waves for characterizing crustal models.