A colloquium on El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO): atmospheric, oceanic, societal, environmental, and policy perspectives - Colorado: National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), 1997 - 194 páginas: ilustraciones; 25 cm

Sponsored by Environmental and Societal Impacts Group and Advanced Study Program at National Center for Atmospheric Research, CATHALAC (Centro del Agua del Tropico Humedo para America Latina y el Caribe), Trade Convergence Climate Complex (TC3Net), Director's Office of NCAR, and NOAA's Office of Global Programs

Introduction -- Why care about El Niño? -- The El Niño-Southern Oscillation System -- Multiscale Climate Variability: Besides ENSO, what Else? -- What's Going On in the Ocean during ENSO -- What's Going On in the Atmosphere during ENSO? -- The Ocean Observing System and What's Going On Now -- What More Do We Get When We Couple? or How Do Interactions between the Atmosphere and the Land/Ocean/Sea Ice Affect Climate? -- Global Coupled General Circulation Models and ENSO -- Strengths and Weaknesses of Observations -- Role of Statistics in Research on ENSO and Teleconnections -- ENSO and Anthropogenic Climate Variations -- Should We Believe ENSO and Climate Change Models? -- Round Table on Usable Science -- Teleconnections Associated with ENSO -- The Big Oscillations, or Why Care Only about ENSO? -- Impacts of ENSO-Generated Climate Variations in North America -- ENSO Prediction - What is an ENSO Forecast? SST? SOI? -- Societal and Perceptual Constraints on the Use of Forecasts -- Mid-Course Correction -- Trends in Extreme Events and Societal Impacts -- Impacts of ENSO on Cuba -- Climate, Salmón and Adaptive Management in the Columbia River Basin -- Peruvian Agriculture and ENSO -- Climate, Salmon Abundance and the Political Economy of the Pacific Salmon Treaty -- ENSO Information and Food Security in Southern Africa: The 1991-92 Drought -- The Use of El Niño Information as a Drought Early Warning: The case of Ehiopia -- Effect of ENSO on Agriculture -- Problems Faced by Societal Impacts Researchers -- Ecological Impacts of ENSO -- Effects of ENSO on Coral Reefs -- ENSO and Ecosystems -- Ecological impacts of ENSO in Australia -- The effect of El Niño on Birds in the Tropical Pacific Ocean -- Uses and Values of Climate Forecasts in Agriculture and Utilities -- Systems Approach to ENSO Revisited -- Putting the Pieces Back Together: What are the problems We Nee to Tackle in the Next Five Years -- Mystery Lecture: Why do ENSO Events continue to Surprise Us? -- How are forecats made and issued -- To be Truly useful, what needs to be changed -- Virtual interview with Klaus Wyrtki -- Virtual interview with Klaus Wyrtki -- ENSO and the Future