Kantor, Arthur J.

Objective estimate of the climatology of very tall convective clouds - a negative report - L.G. Hanscom Field: Air Force Cambridge Research Laboratories, 1970 - 7 páginas: gráficas; 30 cm

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An objective method has been developed for determining the occurrence and altitude of tall convective clouds for the purpose of construction of a global climatology of such clouds. The particular computer program selected is the version that produced maximum cloud-top estimates in closest agreement with highest radar precipitation echoes for a three-year period at Miami, Fla., Lake Charles, La., New York, N. Y., and Oklahoma City, Okla. A day-by-day comparison of radar echoes and computed cloud tops reveals such numerous and sufficiently large discrepancies that the computerized parcel method does not appear satisfactory for providing a climatology of convective clouds above 40, 000 ft